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  Re: Github repository with useful macros  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 20 May 2021 09:35:35
Message: <60a665a7$1@news.povray.org>
On 5/19/21 3:55 PM, Tor Olav Kristensen wrote:
> I have also rewritten a few of the macros slightly and added some new ones.

I like how macros using functions of transforms & inverse transforms 
ended up. :-) Those, I didn't expect you to change and yet what you did 
looks to me to be a clever approach to handling a macro's dynamically 
defined functions.

I'll have to spend more time thinking about it and the actual inner 
workings. I suspect you've gotten to something near like what happens 
with prod and sum internally with the vm.

>> A millsion calls.
>> ...
Yes, I'm forever inventing new words! :-) I've not a clue how I arrive 
at some of them.

I noticed in your vectors.inc the indenting occasionally varies. It 
looks like you mostly use increments of four - which is very common - 
but OrthogonalVector, for example, uses three. I'd guess because it was 
that in math.inc ?

I've been looking more at your Mean, Variance, Minimum, Maximum, 
PrintStatistics, and Histogram suggestions. First, issue I hit was 
testing your comments about vectors.

// Does also work for vectors
#macro Mean(Values)

However, dimension_size() expects an array identifier. Is there some 
trick to getting vectors to work with dimension_size()?  As far as I 
know, the dimension* SDL keywords work only with array identifiers and 
'defined on call' arrays. The latter meaning:

    Mean(array {0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5})

is OK to do. Yes, this last bit is a little more than what our current 
documentation says you can do.

I've recently moved the vector analysis macros in math.inc to a 
vectoranalysis.inc include - which itself won't be a 'core' include. 
Thinking the array statistics a better fit in a similar 
arraystatistics.inc include - again now not a 'core' include.

With your vectors.inc, on the other hand, I'm starting to lean toward it 
being a 'core' include file. Need to resolve collisions with math.inc 
macros as a start.

Aside: Instead of moving some of the contents of arraycoupleddf3s.inc to 
arrays.inc, I went the other way! I moved the ARRAY_WriteDF3 macro into 
arraycoupleddf3s.inc alongside the ARRAY_ReadDF3 macro already therein 
along with some other DF3 related macros. I dropped too the ARRAY_ 
prefixes. I now plan to treat arraycoupleddf3s.inc as a core include 
file. I believe reading and writing DF3s should be doable from SDL as 
'POV-Ray' is shipped.

Bill P.

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