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  Re: Shell-outs  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 31 Mar 2021 07:59:18
Message: <60646416$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/29/21 1:21 PM, ingo wrote:
> in news:6061ffb6$1@news.povray.org William F Pokorny wrote:
>> Unsure if this any help to you
>> on windows.
> Not at all, but that's fine :)
> I write a file from the scene but render nothing. Then I want to convert
> the file. I just stuck the commandline behind the Post_Scene_Command=..
> Nothing happens, no error, no result.
> First I thought is because I use the No Image INI-option, as that results
> in a Render failed message. Redering an image changes nothing.
> Starting other programms is not disabled.
> Ingo

I didn't mention it in my earlier response, but while playing with the 
pre-post shell features, a few times I had typos / syntax errors. Some 
of those didn't show up as errors - or anything at all - that I could see.

When I got errors they were sort of mixed in with the output in random 
or unusual positions in the output making them harder to see. This might 
be something particular to linux/unix as some of those messages would 
have been issued by the shell itself.

A shot in the dark. Have you tried running POV-Ray from a command line 
in a windows command shell window? I don't know enough about windows or 
the windows interface top know if there is a shell/command window 
'under/available' for commands when the usual UI is running. And, if one 
is available where any shell issued messages might end up in the UI.

Aside: Your usage of POV-Ray here reminds me functionality such as a 
directive like #parserstop would be useful to have. Something to get a 
clean return code while skipping to any post scene work and exit. It 
would better enable using POV-Ray's SDL/language as a scripting tool. 
Plus, it would make creating parser tests cases less messy. (Maybe 
#radiositystop, #photonsstop keywords too...)

Bill P.

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