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  Re: Shell-outs  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 29 Mar 2021 12:26:30
Message: <6061ffb6$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/29/21 10:29 AM, ingo wrote:
> Does the shell-out mechanism still work (3.8, win10)? I can not get it
> going and remember having trouble with it in the past.
> Ingo
Unsure about Win10 and v3.8.

I've had some trouble with it in the distant (years) past, on linux, but 
I know jr has had recent success. So let me see with v3.8...

First be sure your most restrictive .conf file allows the shell out. 
This is not the default on unix/linux and I just had to change my 
default. You should - somewhere - get a message about the shell outs not 
being allowed if the permissions don't allow the feature.

Beyond that I find I've mostly got to use an ini file with settings 
inside the ini file as the command line substitutions %o, %s don't seem 
to both be parsed and substituted correctly. At least I could not figure 
out how to get it to work.

In the ini file I was able to use:

Post_Scene_Command=/bin/ls >%s_post.txt
Pre_Scene_Command=preShell %s

where preShell is a bash script I created. However, the %s feature is 
not stripping the scene input file extension as the documentation says 
it should... I get, for example, a file called:


from the Post_Scene_Command. On unix/linux systems you could do the 
needed corrections within a created shell.

So, looks to me on linux/unix one could get the shell out stuff going 
though with some gotchas to work around. Unsure if this any help to you 
on windows. :-)

Bill P.

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