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  Re: Sculptris  
From: stbenge
Date: 11 Mar 2010 14:50:15
Message: <4b994977@news.povray.org>
stbenge wrote:
> DrPetter had originally intended to keep the program as freeware. I 
> think he will continue to do so, with the option of donating to support 
> his cause.

 From DrPetter's forum 

"I have no solid plans yet, but have been thinking about a kind of 
donation-based system. Basically I'd like people to be able to pay what 
makes sense for them - a hobby user who will only play around a little 
bit might not want to spend more than $10, while a professional artist 
could possibly invest $100 and maybe get some personal support for added 

It's not in my interest to deny anyone access to the application, but I 
do need money to keep doing what I do, and something like this seems 
like it could work out reasonably well. I will also have some form of 
free version that anyone can download and try."

So it will probably cost you something when it's past the alpha stage. 
It will still be worth it, I think, for hobbyists like us who don't make 
money from our rendered images :)


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