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  Re: Exporting from povray to Blender  
From: Alain
Date: 4 Apr 2008 14:15:50
Message: <47f67e66$1@news.povray.org>
aa nous apporta ses lumieres en ce 2008/04/03 08:31:
> Hello gentlemens,
> does someone know if there is a way to export POVray content to the 3D 
> modeler Blender.
> I have described a scene under POV and I want to rotate it in 3D but real 
> time, in order to have a dynamic view of this.
> Another way to obtain it will be a script that would change the orientation 
> of the scene in different axes and calculate one image per every move but 
> obviously it requires a gargantuous amount of computing time!
> Please help me or buy me the best actual supercomputer ;-)
> thanks in advance
> Fab "Bobbyone" CAN habit 
Is your scene composed mainly of meshes? Did you use some outside utility to 
create those meshes? Yes: re-export in a format that Blender can use.
Can you convert the rest into meshes?

Do you use isosurfaces? Parametric objects? Complexe CSGs? Blobs? Then, NO! And, 
no, I definitely can't afford to get you any kind of "super computer".

You may be beter recreating your scene specificaly for Blender.

You know you have been raytracing for too long when the animation you render 
will be finished after yourself.
Urs Holzer

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