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  MORAY programmers wanted  
From: Chris Cason
Date: 11 Mar 2008 06:03:27
Message: <47d666ff$1@news.povray.org>
As many of you would be aware, POV-Ray now owns the Moray source code base.
We will be re-releasing this under the GPL3 once it is in working order.
However the main issue at this point is that Moray used a commercial
component in its tool bar, which we obviously cannot re-license. Thus, to
get a working Moray executable we at this time need someone who is
proficient with Visual Studio 2005 to jump into the code and do what is
needed to remove the old toolbar code and either stub it out or replace it
with whatever would be most appropriate via other open-source toolkits.

It is longer-term a goal of ours to have Moray move to being a cross-
platform tool, however I'm not sure if it is wise to do both of the above
at once (i.e. skip the basic 'get it up and working' and go straight to the
full conversion). I'd like to see something working sooner rather than later;]

In either event, we're seeking some enthusiastic coders from the community
who may be interested in taking this. I thought it would be fair to ask
here, on our own news server, first, prior to making it more public.

Note that we do ask of the coders who volunteer that they be willing to
devote a reasonable amount of time into the project in the short to medium
term, since this is when their time will be needed most.

Anyone who is interested feel free to reply to this post [followup set to
povray.general] or email me direct.


-- Chris

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