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  Re: It's been a {FILTERED} year now.  
From: [GDS|Entropy]
Date: 10 Feb 2008 00:47:31
Message: <47ae8ff3$1@news.povray.org>
Hey Chris,

I sent it through the email form on the main page.
I usually avoid mailing lists. Too much...um, well...mail... ;-)

What lang was the povcomp code written in?
I have obviously not had a chance to see this code yet, but IME sometimes it 
is better to create a new system than to upgrade an old one.

Hmm...I did a Google search for "povcomp code", and the only useful 
reference to it is a post by you 1/31/07 offering to provide the code. ;-)

I am not sure of the ins and outs of the old system, as I said before, but I 
am envisioning something about like this:
    1) web-based voting (gridview w/clickable thumbs for larger image, 
dropdowns, enhanced rating categories, etc..)

    2) users sign up with basic info and captcha verification, no mailing 
list flood, just confirmation e-mail

    3) registered users can upload files/images (obvious filtering/etc.. to 
prevent injection attacks)

    4) some stuff goes into a SQL/MySQL db or related, with actual files 
stored on a server and pointers to them stored in the DB (not a big fan of 
varbinary for this, but whatever)

    5) voting is automatically tallied like so many other online surveys, 

    6) perhaps some form of RSS notification of new submissions, voting 
results and what not.

    7) assuming we knew someones cell carrier and their number we could even 
sms when they get voted for and for what...

I say ASP.NET 2/3.5ext, C#, SQL2005....throw a few devs in there and maybe a 
graphics designer or two and that is like what? 1 Month at *worst* using 
spare time??

I've done that sort of thing before by myself, its not so bad, and I have 
most of the code already from other projects, which could be used for 
I know there are plenty here who greatly exceed my skill as well...a mean, 
some of you built freakin POV-Ray (3 cheers!!) so.... :-D

I'm down for it...


"Chris Cason" <del### [at] deletethistoopovrayorg> wrote in 
message news:47ae6127$1@news.povray.org...
> [GDS|Entropy] wrote:
>> I've offered my extra hosting disk space and any requird programming
>> services I can help with, as I am sure others have as well....to no
>> avail..not even dignified with a response..
> Where was this message sent? If it was on the mailing list it's possible 
> it
> was never seen by any admin (I don't read the mailing list myself).
> In any event, hosting is not the issue, it's development of a new
> infrastructure and the subsequent administration of the comp. I'm able to
> host it and perform basic maintenance and updates, provided the system is
> basically automated. Something could be built on the old POVCOMP code is
> someone wishes to do so. However it would still require many man-days of
> someone's time to get it to a point where this would be possible.
> -- Chris

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