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  Re: Snowflake Generator for Windows  
From: Steve Shelby
Date: 8 Nov 2007 13:37:17
Message: <4733575d$1@news.povray.org>
"Sabrina Kilian" <"ykgp at vtSPAM.edu"> wrote in message 

> Make it shut down when it receives any mouse movement or keyboard input,
> and make it full screen instead of windowed. Screensavers are just .exe,
> renamed.
> I tried using it as a screensaver, as is. The windowed mode kept it from
> starting full screen, which was a bigger down side then having to hit
> escape to turn it off.

Thanks, Sabrina, for the info.
I copied the files into windows/system32 and renamed snowflake1.exe to 
snowflake1.scr, then it was on the dropdown list for selecting screensaver 
in the desktop properties setup. I selected it for the screensaver, and it 
Steve Shelby

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