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  Re: POV-Tree 1.5  
From: Gena
Date: 10 May 2004 01:22:33
Message: <409f1199@news.povray.org>
You can simulate this by playing with twig parameters
on 'Additional' tab (Angle, Alignment...).
The last twig on the branch will start right at
the end of the branch with angle which you define.
If you need 2" or 3" inches below the chop point
you have to move that last twig manually in
'Edit Mesh' mode.

There are so many different features in the nature
that I'm afraid it's almost impossible to simulate
all of them automatically :( Among others:

- many trees have some dry branches which usually
   have different color and don't have leaves. You can
   simulate it combining parts without leaves with
   parts which have foliage.

- multi-trunk trees. Such trees are not supported
   in POV-Tree. You can only simulate it either
   defining branches as trunks or combining several

- roots usually have the same "tree" structure. In
   POV-Tree roots have only first order elements.
   If you need tree-like roots you have to make a
   separate tree model for the root and then rotate
   it around Z or X axis.

Here is another stuff not supported in POV-Tree but
which can probably will have direct support in the

- fruits/berries (right now you can simulate it through
   custom mesh blossom)
- birds' nests
- geometrically lopped trees - cones, cylinders etc.
   (this feature is available in some commercial


stephen parkinson wrote:
> Gena wrote:
>> Final version of POV-Tree 1.5 is available here:
>> http://home.covad.net/~gobukhov/povtree.html
>> You can also find there screenshots:
>> http://home.covad.net/~gobukhov/screenshots.html
>> and small tutorial 'Making Leaves':
>> http://home.covad.net/~gobukhov/tutorial.html
>> Please let me know if you will find out any
>> problem.
>> Gena.
> any ideas how to do a tree that have grown to have branches budding from 
> where its been lopped/trimmed
> say trunk 12", main branches 6" and some stuff has been lopped
> back to say 3"
> after a few years it springs 2" or 3" branches from just below the chop
> point
> cherry tree seem to be a favourite target for some reason
> stephen

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