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  Re: Newbie looking for tutorials  
From: Tim Nikias v2 0
Date: 20 Oct 2003 10:40:39
Message: <3f93f3e7$1@news.povray.org>
Begin with the Documentation. It will lead you to the first image everyone
has produced: reflective sphere on checkered plane (a variation of that
theme is an obligatory first post to PBI).

Then, download some simple scenes (you can judge that by the amount of
objects mainly) and scan through them, try to make sense of them, at least
in parts, and create your own ones based off of what you find.

And THEN, make your very own images, starting with an empty scene-file.

It is, for later days and reviews, good to keep track in your scene file
when the file was initially made, when the last update was done, with which
POV-Ray (3.5 at the moment), Author, etc.

You can find some info on my website, there are descriptions of some files
in my "Past Projects" section, and some scene-files in my "Downloads" (IRTC
Images) and "Gallery v2.0" (sources for those). You'll also find some
Include-Files you might find useful (especially the I/O-Macros to read/write
data arrays).


Tim Nikias v2.0
Homepage: http://www.digitaltwilight.de/no_lights
Email: tim.nikias (@) gmx.de

> Hi to all the gurus !
> I am a newbie. I repeat, I am a really, really, brand new newbie. Just
getting up to learn rendering, ray tracing, modelling, etc.
> I am looking for online tutorials for modelling, POVRAY, rendering, ray
tracing, .... in other words, I am looking for tutorials that cover
everything including
> the kitchen sink. :)
> Can anyone here help out, please ?
> No, I don't have a lot of money to spare, so books ($$$$) is out of the
question. All I can afford is to download all the tutorials into my computer
so I can learn
> from them, one at a time.
> If you know a good tutorial or two, please tell me. I'd be forever
grateful, and perhaps one day when I am rich enough, I'll treat you a round
of beer (or the
> beverage of your choice) for your help.
> Thanks all of you in advance !
> Marie
> pen### [at] myrealboxcom

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