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  Re: POV-Tree 1.3  
From: Hughes, B 
Date: 5 Oct 2003 16:54:52
Message: <3f80851c$1@news.povray.org>
"Gena Obukhov" <gen### [at] yahoocom> wrote in message
news:3F8### [at] yahoocom...

> All mesh tree elements are not closed objects. They (roots, branches and
> twigs)
> have hollows. Leaves are flat objects. So, I don't think 'hollow'
> keyword will make
> any difference. Or maybe I didn't understand your point.

Well, having checked now with a solitary tree in a basic scene, with nothing
else in it except fog or media, it seems there isn't a problem with the mesh
being hollow or not. What I had done to remedy the trouble I was originally
having was simply to place everything within a union in my other scene file
and use hollow on in that since the tree files were so big to work with.

Now I've tested a single triangle in a simple scene file and apparently
there aren't any affects on fog or media. So I apologize for mistaking there
being a fault with the trees at all. That's how little I know of meshes and
triangles, once again. I was under the impression that they still had an
inside and outside affecting hollowness, instead of just the inside_vector
thing which I had known of for working with CSG. Must be hollow by default I
guess. I know the disc primitive has an affect on hollowness though, and
that's from what I implied how a mesh or triangle might behave. Or perhaps
likened to a plane with a clipped triangle area and how that would behave
too. Interesting thing is, how would a person make a triangle or mesh
unhollow? Guess you can't, because I just tried adding hollow off without

I guess the old saying is true, the more you think you know the less you
really do know.

Bob H.

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