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  Re: POV-Tree 1.3  
From: Hughes, B 
Date: 4 Oct 2003 02:54:08
Message: <3f7e6e90@news.povray.org>
It's great work, Gena. I finally had my first use of it (version 1.2.1)
recently for a rendition of a place my parents have by a lake. We are
planning to build a screenroom there ourselves this Fall or next Spring. The
trees sure made it look better, and your program is very easy to work with
too. Everyone who's seen it thinks it is wonderful. Not sure if that was due
to going from treeless to trees; in part, maybe so.  :-)

Looking at the version 1.3 here, I notice a typo on the Root section where
it says Tickness Ratio and should be Thickness Ratio. Went back to version
1.2.1 and it was there too, just hadn't realized it. I even have version 1.1
but think I never used it. Oh, and speaking of typos, of which yours are
incredibly few, there's one on your web page too. Says screensho~r~t instead
of screenshot. Maybe that'll be all there are!

Any plans to add the ability to use normals (patterns)?

Bump mapping for the leaves is good, except I like to apply normals. I had a
little trouble judging scales when going back into the output files so if it
were in the program already it would make that so much easier to use

And a side note about the highlighting, which you are apparently calling
"gloss": After using this utility to create trees, I had been taking a
closer look at real trees and almost surprised me when I saw sunlight
shining on the leaves of some trees as though they were water reflecting the
sunlight. Made me rethink specular highlighting for leaves even though I had
already applied a little more than your default was doing, still phong
though. I had also added variable reflection since I already noticed the sky
color on leaves. Not sure if that's more of an effect to use radiosity for,
or not, but it appears as reflection to my eyes.

Many thanks to you... and Tom Aust!

Bob H.

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