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  Re: POV-Tree 1.2  
From: Gena
Date: 20 Aug 2003 14:07:45
Message: <3f43b8f1$1@news.povray.org>
Gena Obukhov wrote:

> Several people reported problem with saving include files.
> I fixed that bug in version 1.2.1. It's available from the same link:
> http://propro.ru/go/Wshop/tools/tools.html

Some minor misbehavior still exists with saving include
(non-mesh) files. For example, if you don't use blossom
(blossom type is not selected) POV-Tree will write to
#declare BLOSSOM=;
Then if you use TOMTREE or TOMTREEm to render the tree
POV-Ray will fail parsing this line. Temporary workaround
can be just comment out this line:
//#declare BLOSSOM=;

I'll fix this problem in next release writing to file
something like:
#declare BLOSSOM="NONE";

It will happen after my vacation somewhere in the end of
September. I'm also planning to add some other
changes/improvements to that release.


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