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  Re: Zazzle site is open  
From: Gilles Tran
Date: 11 Mar 2003 18:19:01
Message: <3e6e6ee5@news.povray.org>

> art.com provides a "see it framed" utility on their website that lets you
> see the image matted and framed. It can even show double mattes. Perhaps
> Zazzle will get something like that eventually.

In fact it does provide it and it can create text and borders for you. The
problem was that when I tried it (this was 18 months ago, so it may have
changed), positionning text was extremely imprecise and took too much trial
and error to get right. I ended up doing bitmapped borders instead, but I'd
rather have the buyer be able to choose between several framing options (no
border, white border, black border etc.).


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