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  Re: New version of HCR-Edit  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 3 Mar 2003 06:13:52
Message: <3E6338EF.173CBA42@gmx.de>
George Pantazopoulos wrote:
> Very nice, Christoph.
> Combining the Exposure and Curves settings allows your program to have more
> control over HDR images than even HDR shop does!

Well, curves do only work in a limited range of values so they are not
suited for HDR images.  Therefore saving in a high dynamic range format
does not use the curves (and levels) adjustments.

>  Requests:
>   How about an Exposure slider? Also an undo feature would be nice
> in the curves editor :)

The adjustment of all values is somewhat limited right now, i consider a
solution for all value adjustment fields that would allow easier
modification of values. 

> Potential problem:
>     When I first open the program, and load an HDR image (the Exposure
> contol is checked), it appears totally black, even though Exposure and Gain
> are both at 1.000. I have to set the Exposure and Gain to 10.000, then back
> to 1.000 to get an image.

I think i have found the problem - will be fixed in next version.


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