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  New version of HCR-Edit  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 28 Feb 2003 06:04:14
Message: <3E5F422D.59C17BB8@gmx.de>
I have made a new version of my image manipulation program

HCR-Edit is a windows program for post processing images and has the
capability to deal with images of more than 8 bit color depth per
channel.  New features in this version are:

* support for reading and writing HDR high dynamic range images. 
* support for reading raw float data. 
* support for writing binary and ASCII float data. 
* exposure adjustments. 
* normalizing function. 
* various other improvements and fixes. 



POV-Ray tutorials, include files, Sim-POV,
HCR-Edit and more: http://www.tu-bs.de/~y0013390/
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