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  Re: German book on plant modelling with POV-Ray images  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 13 Feb 2003 16:03:29
Message: <3E4C0821.1895F79D@gmx.de>
Gena wrote:
> Norbert Kern wrote:
> > But recently I found this:
> > http://www.polas.net/trees/treesdesigner1.html
> > This program, a Lightwave plugin, makes the most realistic branch trunk
> > joints.
> I think this is mainly due to NURBS. I believe that can be achieved
> using blobs as well. It's not so easy to do with mesh though.

Blobs (at least POV-Ray's polynomial blobs) are not that good in creating
such joints.  Note that apart from the highly mechanically optimized
transit nature creates for joints between branches there is also usually a
strong change of surface structure and coloring in such areas.  The
program Norbert mentioned does not seem to take care of this either.  


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