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  Re: German book on plant modelling with POV-Ray images  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 13 Feb 2003 13:47:12
Message: <3E4BE830.5524DAA6@gmx.de>
Gena wrote:
> I think that if I will be able to complete the following features
> (which are in my wish list for future releases) in POV-Tree it will
> be close to Xfrog  ;)  The only everlasting  problem is...  a lack
> of time :(

Not really.  I have not used Xfrog but from what i have read the
technically outstanding thing about it is the possibility to combine
different predefined elements arbitrarily and adjust their parameters. 
It's a bit like a classical L-System where the replacement rules are not
fixed but can vary throughout the iteration process. By designing the tree
the user chooses which replacement rule (from a set supplied, i don't know
if Xfrog allowes to create own rules) is to be applied where.  And in
addition you can of course adjust the parameters of the rules.  

Tomtree and other tree include files on the other hand have a fixed set of
rules.  The parameters allow fairly detailed adjustments of course but you
can't change the basic principles.  


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