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  Re: German book on plant modelling with POV-Ray images  
From: Gena
Date: 12 Feb 2003 19:18:40
Message: <3E4AE453.5A3EEDE4@mail.com>
I think that if I will be able to complete the following features
(which are in my wish list for future releases) in POV-Tree it will
be close to Xfrog  ;)  The only everlasting  problem is...  a lack
of time :(

- Interactive mesh editor which will allow to
  delete/move/rotate/scale elements in preview
  window. It could be used for final tuning of the tree.

- Interactive Leaf Editor. It could be used for
  mesh leaf modelling

- Wizard which will guide you through several steps
  for tree creation. So that it won't be necessary
  to specify all parameters.

- OpenGL support. Using OpenGL POV-Tree could have
  much faster preview. But there are also some
  drawbacks. It will be platform specific because
  OpenGL is a platform specific library. Also for
  OpenGL you have to download additional Java3D
  package which is additional 4 MBytes or so. Maybe
  it makes sense to make two versions of POV-Tree
  one w/ and the other w/o OpenGL.

- Effects tab with the following features:
  * Snow
  * Lights (like Christmas lights on trees)
  * Wind
  * Gravity

- Prepare more image maps for leaves and blossoms

- Prepare more examples and scene files

- Mesh Import


Christoph Hormann wrote:

> Gilles Tran wrote:
> >
> > For the German-speaking people, Oliver Deussen's book about digital plant
> > modelling is now available.
> > [...]
> It might be interesting that although the book seems to focus on xfrog it
> also seems to cover more general aspects and might also be interesting for
> those not using the program.  The sample chapter available on the site is
> mainly about the technical ideas behind xfrog, content is quite similar to
> the english language paper on:
> http://www.inf.tu-dresden.de/ST2/cg/publikationen/subframes/deussen/cga_plants.pdf
> Another part available as pdf is an introductory tutorial for xfrog - but
> it is in german language.
> As a side note - it could be useful to cross-post things here to
> povray.general so those who have comments can make them there.
> Christoph
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