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  Re: German book on plant modelling with POV-Ray images  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 12 Feb 2003 04:21:43
Message: <3E4A1227.1C9E090B@gmx.de>
Gilles Tran wrote:
> For the German-speaking people, Oliver Deussen's book about digital plant
> modelling is now available.
> [...]

It might be interesting that although the book seems to focus on xfrog it
also seems to cover more general aspects and might also be interesting for
those not using the program.  The sample chapter available on the site is
mainly about the technical ideas behind xfrog, content is quite similar to
the english language paper on:


Another part available as pdf is an introductory tutorial for xfrog - but
it is in german language.

As a side note - it could be useful to cross-post things here to
povray.general so those who have comments can make them there.


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