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  Re: Povray File Parse  
From: Johannes Hubert
Date: 20 Jul 1998 12:17:01
Message: <35b35f6d.0@news.povray.org>
Thomas Charron wrote in message <35AF7974.6A2C5A24@nermail.ups.com>...
>    Well, that's all and well, but it doesn't solve the fact that I want to
>generate some of these objects from publically available .INC files that
>macro's to create the objects.  I COULD write my own, but to be totally
>I don;t have the time with 5 side-projects, and trying to get one or two
>to irtc finished up..

I don't see the problem :-) since the INC file of the UDO/INC pair can
contain any POV-Ray code, even #includes or even macros (POV 3.1 etc.)

The only work would be to write the UDO file, with a nice and suitable
representation of the object in Moray (made up out of vertices and
connecting edges).
I guess that writing such an UDO even for a complex object can be faster
than going through a lot of conversion steps.


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