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  Re: Povray File Parse  
From: Johannes Hubert
Date: 17 Jul 1998 07:14:12
Message: <35af23f4.0@news.povray.org>
Thomas Charron wrote in message <35AE262D.64CC0984@nermail.ups.com>...
>    Hrm..  Ya, this would do it..  I'd only need to do it once, then import
>object into the modeller from the Povray script generated..  Maybee a
couple of
>times for random effect scripts..  Thanks for the tip!  I'll keep ya

Actually, have you thought about using UDOs?

UDOs work like this:

You have two files: one UDO file and one INC file.
The UDO file follows a certain standard and describes how the object should
look in Moray.
The INC file can contain *any* POV-Ray compliant syntax (even while-loops,
other includes etc.) and describes how the object looks in POV-Ray.

In Moray you manipulate (translate, scale, rotate, even texture) the object
representation as it is read from the UDO file. But when exporting, Moray
doesn't export this UDO description or any POV-Ray primitives or such, but
simply an include directive to include the INC file (with all the
manipulations applied).

This way, you can have *any* POV-Ray object (or collection of objects) as an
object in Moray.

The only drawback is, that you have to write the UDO file by hand, to create
an adequate Moray-representation of your object. But that isn't to hard
either, since UDO files are text files and essentially only contain a list
of 3D vertices and a list of edges between them.

Check it out!


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