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  Re: Povray File Parse  
From: Thomas Charron
Date: 16 Jul 1998 13:49:03
Message: <35AE262D.64CC0984@nermail.ups.com>
Johannes Hubert wrote:

> Maybe you want to check out Thomas Baier's POB-SDK. (Find a link to his page
> on the Moray Download page.)
> It includes a custom made version of POV-Ray (for DOS) which reads a POV
> script and outputs everything in it into a POB file (which is a binary
> format). Another tool in the package can read such a POB file and generate a
> POV script from it. This resulting script does not have any whiles, ifs etc.
> but only declarations of the objects that were generated by the actual first
> script.

    Hrm..  Ya, this would do it..  I'd only need to do it once, then import the
object into the modeller from the Povray script generated..  Maybee a couple of
times for random effect scripts..  Thanks for the tip!  I'll keep ya posted..

    Thomas Charron

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