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  Re: Povray File Parse  
From: Remco de Korte
Date: 15 Jul 1998 18:39:13
Message: <35AD20C5.74AB327E@xs4all.nl>
Thomas Charron wrote:
>     I'm curiouse if there is a program out there that will parse
> povray
> files, and unfold loops and the such into what they'd look like if not
> within macro's.  Basically, I'd like to be able to run some of my
> scenes
> thru this, to generate the huge text files, that I can then import
> into
> something like moray.  A prime example would be something like the
> tree.inc files.  I'd like to be able to run thru a file that has like
> 10
> of them, and have the output have the actual objects to create the
> tree..
>     Not quite sure if I'm making sence, but hopfully someone get's the
> drift..
>     Thomas Charron

I don't quite understand your question, but it brings up another
question with me. You mention loops and the tree.inc, and, as far as I
understand you want to extract code from these loops. What would be the
advantage (sorry if I seem stupid - wait till you see my face 8=)
The reason I ask this is that I don't understand what should be better:
a loop or a heap of code. I tried tree.inc and was impressed, but I
needed another kind of tree. First I fiddled around a bit with the
declarations, but that brought me no where. Being new to POVray, but not
very new anymore with programming I just wrote me a program that
generated some weird looking random trees that were just what I needed.
Only thing is that it generated plain code, so some trees could take up
about 1Mb of code! The average tree would be 200-300Kb, but a fullgrown
'Giant of the Woods' needs much more. Obviously this takes much more
time to parse. Or not?

If anyone here is interested in a freak-tree let me know.



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