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  Comparison of POV-Ray 2.2 & 3.7  
From: 19100
Date: 23 May 2023 10:19:59
Message: <20230523151953.a4ee10c783ec1b3f3da0f8a2@disroot.org>

I've written an article about 3.7's backwards compatibility and how it compares to
2.2: https://19100.neocities.org/guides/povray2vs3

The page also goes into some detail about the history of each scene and the people who
made it, which is what I'm hoping to get some clarity on. Certain scenes didn't have
authorship information (search for ??? to find them) and I was wondering if anyone
might recall any of the missing authors, I'm also interested in linking to their homes
on the web if available (sort of a "where are they now" idea). Also, this is a long
shot, but does anyone have the crysta.gif photograph taken by David Buck and used in
crystal.pov? If there's anything I got wrong in the article or you have any other
suggestions, do let me know.

On a side note the scenes I've seen being posted to the newsgroup are really
incredible and I can only hope that my own renders will be even remotely comparable in
the future, keep up the great work guys!

Many thanks,

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