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  ANNOUNCE: MacMegaPOV Universal Binary Beta 1 ready for download.  
From: Yvo Smellenbergh
Date: 2 Apr 2006 13:40:07
Message: <1hd6mar.yr196di2lv6qN%yvo.s@gmx.net>
MacMegaPOV v 1.2.1 is now available as a Universal Binary and ready for
beta testing.

It is designed to run on MacOS 10.4.x, on any PPC G5 or Macintosh with
an Intel Core Solo or Intel Core Duo.

It will *not* run on machines with a PPC G4  or G3 at this moment.
It is not tested but should also run on MacOS 10.3.9 (please report if
you test this)

The concept is the same as our previous Carbon and Mach-O version of
MacMegaPOV but the application is rewritten and now uses the Cocoa
The users manual has been modified to reflect the changes but it is not
a final users manual yet.

For now only a link is provided to download the archive, there is no web
Please be so kind to send all reports and comments to these two
addresses (copy):
yvo### [at] gmxnet (Yvo Smellenbergh)
sme### [at] skynetbe (Rene Smellenbergh);

A very special thank you goes to Widell H. Oskay for his time and effort
to test and improve this application on an Intel based Mac. 

And here you can download the goodies:

Enjoy and please let us know how this application behaves.

MegaPOV at:  http://megapov.inetart.net
MacMegaPOV at:  http://users.skynet.be/smellenbergh
E-mail: yvo### [at] gmxnet

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