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From: Bald Eagle
Subject: Polynomial and isosurface graphics
Date: 25 Oct 2017 12:55:03
Message: <web.59f0c1466da9655ac437ac910@news.povray.org>
So, I just got done working out a polynomial object, and also tested out the
original equation as a function in an isosurface.

While doing some debugging and test renders using the output of my spreadsheet,
I was looking through the documentation to match the pigment, background,
light-angle, and overall look of these shapes, and nopticed that they seem to be
"backwards" (rotated 180 deg, or pi radians).

The X arrow points to the left, and the Z arrow points away from the camera.

I just figured I'd point this out, since this might lead to unintended confusion
for a new-user.

Also, with respect to visually misleading or confusing lighting /; shadows, etc.
has always been problematic for me to "see" properly.

My mind initially wants to take the shadow of the interior of the right part of
the cylinder, and have it be the end-cap of a cylinder that sits in that vee and
extends backwards at an angle - the lit portion behind the shadow looks like
it's the body of a solid cylinder with a shadowed end-cap.

Perhaps if it were rotated a little or lit differently, it would "look correct"
(to my brain).  Since it's an isosurface and not an actual difference, I would
assume that using an interior_texture wouldn't work, and there's no actual
"differencing shape" to apply a contrsting color to.

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