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From: posfan12
Subject: Topics need to be split
Date: 11 Oct 2013 10:25:01
Message: <web.52580949b34fe92741a177270@news.povray.org>
IMO there is too much content on some pages like section 3.4. Pages need to be
split into smaller units.

This affects things like:

1. Scrollbar handle is tiny and is hard to grab.
2. Scrolling using the scrollbar is tricky and very fast. (This is hard to
describe.) Basically, the content goes by too fast and you are likely to
over-shoot your target.
3. Pressing Ctrl+F in order to "Find" a string of text means you have to cycle
through a lot more matches than you used to in order to get to the match you
4. There's a delay when using the lefthand side index as you have to wait for
the entire page to load when clicking on a topic.

I liked it the way it was in 3.6.x better.


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