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From: Bent
Subject: Homonym error in,,
Date: 13 Jun 2005 20:05:01
Message: <web.42ae1ef9a6f6427bb605db230@news.povray.org>
There are three locations in the built-in documentation (as of 3.61a) where
"insure" is incorrectly used instead of "ensure":

[ - immediately before the second yellow box]

The default amount of 1.0 is the maximum jitter which will insure that all
super-samples remain inside the original pixel.

[ - at the end of the paragraph following the first blue box]

Type checking is performed to insure that the proper type data is read into
these identifiers.

[ - at the end of second yellow box]

It is up to the user to insure that something inside the loop changes so
that it eventually terminates.


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