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25 Jan 2022 15:41:05 EST (-0500) typo, and note about spherical camera (Message 1 to 1 of 1)  
From: Elias Pschernig
Subject: typo, and note about spherical camera
Date: 20 Feb 2005 05:05:01
Message: <web.42186072d6d533caccb14230@news.povray.org>
Here: http://povray.org/documentation/view/3.6.1/246/ Placing the Camera

In the first paragraph:
Regardless of the projection type all cameras use the location, right, up,
direction, and keywords to determine the location and orientation of the

The "and" should be placed one word to the left.

And the sentence may be confusing, since for spherical projection, you can't
get all possible placements (left and right handed) with just those four

I'd suggest something like: "As an exception, for spherical projection, you
may need to use look_at instead of direction to orient the camera."

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