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From: Mike Horvath
Subject: Is blurred reflection possible in POV-Ray
Date: 12 Feb 2018 22:11:04
Message: <5a825748$1@news.povray.org>
This topic is in


There should be an additional mention of not using the averaged normals 
approach, but using a single normal plus focal blur and antialiasing.

Clipka talks about this approach here:


 > You need:
 > (1) A way to randomize the reflection. A `normal` statement with a very
 > small scale does nicely.
 > (2) A way to force POV-Ray to shoot a high number of rays per pixel
 > where the randomized reflection is. A small bit of focal blur (with high
 > quality settings) does nicely.
 > Together this gives you nice blurred reflections at a (hopefully)
 > reasonable speed.

The code I used is this:

		pigment { InPigment }
		finish { InFinish }
		normal { InNormal }
		normal {bumps BlurAmount scale 0.01}

along with some focal blur and antialiasing.

I'm not sure how the section should be worded however.


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