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From: clipka
Subject: New in 3.7.1
Date: 13 Dec 2016 08:11:07
Message: <584ff36b$1@news.povray.org>
As a reference for the work on the documentation, I've updated the
following two files in the master branch:


Since the version tagged as "v3.7.0.0", this list has seen three
updates: A major one in April this year, a minor one in May, and now
another major one. Each time the new content was essentially
auto-generated (with minor manual edits) from the GitHub version history
tree, so that it now includes each and every commit even remotely
relevant for the current master branch (up to, but excluding, commit


This list has seen semi-infrequent updates along with individual
commits, and as such would be unreliable. However, with each of the
updates to revision.txt I have sifted through the delta of commits, and
taken some effort to make sure that any user-visible changes do get a
brief mention in changes.txt.

Thus, changes.txt should serve as a good reference for what changes
should be mentioned on the Wiki.

Should you find anything in changes.txt that isn't mentioned in the Wiki
yet, and for which you can't find sufficiently detailed information in
the newsgroups (or, as is sometimes the case, revision.txt), feel free
to holler out, and I'll throw together a rough description of the
respective feature here.

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