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  Digital Decay (almost off topic but relevant)  
From: Mr
Date: 24 Jun 2024 03:40:00
Message: <web.6679220f5183cedc16086ed06830a892@news.povray.org>
When this popped into my news flow, I felt compelled to share it here,
Because POV-Ray is not neglecting its legacy:


Many of the ressources in the CG fields have "decayed" in recent years,
For instance, one of the biggest losses was the disappearance of CG Society web

The POV community has been one of the most aware of this problem, finding
solutions such as :

*The Internet Archive,
*Awesome backup handling of its own website generously provided by Chris Cason,


We are part of a precious endeavor, so whenever we share something POV related
around here or elsewhere we should always try to see this big picture ; where do
we keep / duplicate the long term data?

Would this sample or tutorial I'm sharing be better off on my own personal web
page / blog, or a big player like Youtube, or Git Hub...? or even better, when
the content is good enough, into official POV-Ray ressources?

Would duplicating content tend to dilute this responsibility?
Most of all, just always be aware, that some paste bins and image bins are very
often "flushed" thus breaking forum / newsgroups links.

Any thoughts?

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