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  Re: Version 3.8: Input_File_Name - where has it gone?  
From: greytery
Date: 17 Dec 2019 14:05:01
Message: <web.5df925dbcce2d5d15209d200@news.povray.org>

The OLD .ini files contain the option 'Radiosity=On' and the new files DONT.
The .ini file is correctly read, but when hitting this option, the failure is:
'Failed to parse command-line option'.
Simply commenting out this option in the OLD .ini files means the command line
"povray inifilename" works exactly as expected.
This option was changed in Version 3.7 AFAIK - and the OLD files specifically
state Version 3.1 (Doh!).
So, maybe a case of backwards incompatibility?  This is downgraded to a moan:
Could the 'Failed to parse ...' message be a bit more helpful?

Got loads of ideas for further use of this library, and will post as and when..

> > If you want I can post that .mac file here, but I think we should get Anton
> > involved because the files all have his Copyright.
> good idea.  I've not seen an email address in the files yet, so, if you have it,
> perhaps he can be persuaded to join in, here?

Have left a message on his website: www.virtualbricks.nl


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