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27 Nov 2022 21:05:46 EST (-0500)
  Re: Output_File_Name -- missing double quotes in documentation  
From: Kenneth
Date: 9 Apr 2017 05:05:00
Message: <web.58e9f8803f18d4cf883fb31c0@news.povray.org>
Ah yes, you're both correct. I knew I had seen that information *somewhere*
during the past years. It has only been recently that I needed to look it up
again, while working with the 3.7.1 betas (which install a 'fresh' copy of the
povray.ini file; I needed to re-add my output folder location to it, as a
library path.) I assumed the double-quote info was in one or the other
'Output_File_Name' locations I mentioned, as that seemed a logical place to

I would suggest adding a short note to at least, mentioning this.

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