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  Re: Animation docs inaccurate  
From: omniverse
Date: 21 Dec 2016 02:00:06
Message: <web.585a281a4da5dd729c5d6c810@news.povray.org>
clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> Am 21.12.2016 um 06:49 schrieb omniverse:
> > Just looked at what clock says it is when trying equal frames.
> >
> > -nan(ind)
> >
> > Not a number (with a dash, minus??), but I don't know what the ind means.
> > Thought you probably would.
> Yes: "Indeterminate". Meaning that the expression has no solution at all
> (not even infinity), or that it has more than one solution (typically
> infinitely many).
--->8 ok 8<---
> Not sure what that minus sign means. Might be just an intrinsic part of
> the way "Not-a-Number" values are reported, or might actually mean
> _something_. Maybe the IEEE would know.

Curiously, the clock was put in as a light_source color when I tried this.
Thought maybe it went to -1 and luckily I used a simple candle scene, lit
externally by that other light, so the flame light should have still been there.

Tried -1 instead of clock and the flame light was still there, just not the same
as with the NaN clock! Found it takes more like -100 to get the equivalent
appearance, extinguishing the flame entirely. Difficult to know exactly but -50
was ever so slightly different on the wick and melted wax edges.

Try and explain that. Why would it equate to approximately -100 for a
light_source? Anyway... going astray I fear.  ;)


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