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  how are dist. doc mistakes handled?  
From: omniverse
Date: 30 Sep 2016 00:20:01
Message: <web.57ede719b90612ffb1933f770@news.povray.org>
Was curious about the "template" subfolders, files I have from Win64 3.7.1
alpha, since I found one error in a 'txt' which is displayed when clicking on
the corresponding HTML image link via _index.htm:

 // ----------------- HF_Sphere macro
#declare Fn_1 =
 function(x, y, z)
  {1-(-f_snoise3d(x*7,y*7,z*7)*0.5 }

a final  ) missing before }

Didn't know if these things were being reported here at p.d.i. and somehow fixed
by someone for later distributions or what, but had me wondering if the program
download was ever being updated without a change of version or revision while
such things got changed.
Assuming there are people or a person actively correcting the distribution

Or would this only matter for the next major update?

Unfortunately I have nothing else to report... or fortunate as you might see
it... only this very minor mistake. Thought I would try to be diligent when
looking through those SDL txt files, albeit a tiny bit at a time, and tell of
anything else amiss I might find.

Just thinking I might be too late, not knowing fixes have been done before I get
to them.

Thanks to anyone with the answer!

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