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  Revoked features  
From: clipka
Date: 13 Dec 2016 04:40:57
Message: <584fc229$1@news.povray.org>
I'm declaring the following features non-existent in 3.7.1 for now:

- Wavefront OBJ import
- two-parameter `brilliance`

The former is simply not finalized syntax-wise; my plan is to replace it
with a more generic import statement, which would then presumably return
a dictionary of objects that could be manipulated further. However, I
don't see myself finding the time soon to implement that.

The latter is a kludge to make another kludge less kludgey, and I expect
it to become obsoleted comparatively soon by those advanced diffuse
models already in the pipeline (Oren-Nayar, Lommel-Seeliger and Minnaert
at the moment), which can presumably achieve similar effects yet are
methematically and scientifically much more sound.

I'm leaving the code in there for now, just disabled with a preprocessor

The background is that I'd like to get the master branch back into a
shape where we could release a beta at a moment's notice, and I just
wouldn't be happy to include those two features in their present state.

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