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  Re: That Perfectly Useless Wiki Page & Namespace  
From: Jim Holsenback
Date: 12 Dec 2016 19:53:00
Message: <584f466c$1@news.povray.org>
On 12/12/2016 12:33 PM, clipka wrote:
> Say, what's up with the http://wiki.povray.org/content/Keyword page, and
> all the effectively empty pages in the
> http://wiki.povray.org/content/Keyword: namespace it links to?
> Can't we ditch them? They keep popping up in search results and looking
> promising, only to utterly disappoint.

probably has something to do with multi-link extension that Thorsten 
added a while back ... i see his brand on those files when i click view 
history. lol ... /i/ ain't touching em

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