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  Re: how are dist. doc mistakes handled?  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 1 Oct 2016 06:25:07
Message: <57ef8f03$1@news.povray.org>
On 09/30/2016 11:10 AM, omniverse wrote:
> Okay, thanks Bill!
> I just realized the Help menu has bug reports showing info in the help file. So
> trying the "bug tracker" link there it failed to get to the web page at
> http://bugs.povray.org/setup/upgrade.php

This site has been down for a while. It's been replaced with the github 
issues tracker. I'll see if I can find and update the link in the 
distribution. (Aside: I have on my might-try-list moving some of the old 
open flyspray bugs over to github issues. Suppose this would have to be 
done from a web snap shot of the site if it cannot be brought back up)

> Needless to say, I seldom ever see that toolbar menu as I always go to the help
> directly or online.
> And now noticed the Show Tip there doesn't do anything either, as well as the
> same found in Options menu, Other Settings.
> Again, I probably haven't looked for those help tips for years!
> Happy to say I haven't come across any other SDL errors in those templates yet,
> other than typo/misspelling. To me operable SDL important, spelling not as much.
> I was thinking more about that HF_sphere macro.
> It's text file doesn't have #include "shapes.inc" like another macro does,
> meaning there isn't a consistency to how those template txt files are done.
> Probably been that way since day 1.  :)
> If a Windows POV-Ray (new?) user didn't know that include file is needed to run
> the macro they must search for a reason why it doesn't do so alone.

Ah yes! This is what Sven ran into a year or more ago. I didn't realize 
it while adding that paren... I'll put adding that include to all the HF 
templates on my todo list to update via another pull request. Thanks for 
the reminder!

> I didn't have any luck finding a direct way to open a web browser to show those
> template pages from the program itself, thought I might have overlooked it. Sure
> seems like it needs one if there isn't yet.
> Did see the Tools menu, 'Browse sample scenes folder' to get there that way.
> Just needed to go into templates subfolder from there and locate the _index.htm
> file to open that getting the web browser going for it.
> Bob

Where I can see a way to safely & quickly make windows related updates 
as a linux user I'll give it a go. I don't run windows POV-Ray, so some 
of what you wrote about the menus is lost on me.

Bill P.

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