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  Re: how are dist. doc mistakes handled?  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 30 Sep 2016 09:36:45
Message: <57ee6a6d$1@news.povray.org>
On 09/30/2016 12:16 AM, omniverse wrote:
> Was curious about the "template" subfolders, files I have from Win64 3.7.1
> alpha, since I found one error in a 'txt' which is displayed when clicking on
> the corresponding HTML image link via _index.htm:
>  // ----------------- HF_Sphere macro
> #declare Fn_1 =
>  function(x, y, z)
>   {1-(-f_snoise3d(x*7,y*7,z*7)*0.5 }
> a final  ) missing before }
> Didn't know if these things were being reported here at p.d.i. and somehow fixed
> by someone for later distributions or what, but had me wondering if the program
> download was ever being updated without a change of version or revision while
> such things got changed.
> Assuming there are people or a person actively correcting the distribution
> files.
> Or would this only matter for the next major update?
> Unfortunately I have nothing else to report... or fortunate as you might see
> it... only this very minor mistake. Thought I would try to be diligent when
> looking through those SDL txt files, albeit a tiny bit at a time, and tell of
> anything else amiss I might find.
> Just thinking I might be too late, not knowing fixes have been done before I get
> to them.
> Thanks to anyone with the answer!

I don't myself use the windows interface templates, but I suppose here 
or povray.bugreports OK groups to report an issue with a template file.

Something this small might get rolled into other updates by the 
developers on their seeing it. In any case, I've put in a github pull 
req #101 against the master branch, adding the closing paren. That req 
will be addressed or closed as already done by the developers at some 
later time.

As to when a fix gets out so to speak, it generally depends on when and 
how the developers adopt it - and perhaps how the user installs any new 
version with the fix. I don't though know how these windows template 
files are used / integrated into the windows version on POV-Ray.

Bill P.

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