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  Re: Descriptions of standard inc files missing?  
From: Mike Horvath
Date: 10 Jan 2016 19:08:08
Message: <5692f268@news.povray.org>
On 1/10/2016 9:58 AM, Kenneth wrote:
> I have both v3.7 and v3.62 installed on my own Windows machine; so if I need to
> find a particular reference item that I can't locate in v3.7's included
> documentation, I launch v3.62 and look there. (Honestly, I rarely go to the
> online wiki, only because I'm usually not on-line when I work in POV-Ray. Of
> course, if I need to learn about a new v3.7 feature that I can't find, I
> definitely go there.)
> I have a suggestion for the developers (if it's practical): To make available a
> separate download of *just* v3.62's included 'help' file-- at least until v3.7's
> search engine is made up-to-date. (For this to work, I imagine that the help
> file would need to be 'de-coupled' from the main 3.62 installation; would that
> be possible?)

I don't use the online docs either. The wiki doesn't have an index in 
the left pane like the help file, and the help file loads much faster 
since it doesn't have to connect to the internet. I use the index in the 
help file 90% of the time, and the wiki doesn't have that.

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