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  Re: pass_through  
From: James Holsenback
Date: 26 Aug 2013 08:06:14
Message: <521b44b6$1@news.povray.org>
On 08/25/2013 07:08 PM, Christian Froeschlin wrote:
> James Holsenback wrote:
>> I see the appropriate indexintery tag: {{#indexentry:photons,
>> pass_through}} at the beginning of the paragraph that starts talking
>> about pass_through:
> you are right, this helped me find it in the index, it is included
> as a sub-entry of photons. However, it seems that sub-entries are not
> located when typing into the "Type in the keyword to find" box. This
> makes it hard to find the correct entry looking for something specific,
> and is probably the reason why many entries appear in pairs like
> {{#indexentry:pattern, agate}}
> {{#indexentry:agate, pattern}}
> The first one ensures that you find a list of patterns under
> the index entry for pattern, the second one allows you to find
> information about agate when looking for that.
> Of course, this looks a bit redundant and cumbersome. Maybe the
> script that generates the manual from wiki could be adapted to
> automatically "mirror" all entry-subentry items?

OK .. looked right past sub-entry portion of that tag!

Since windows version is only platform that has search-able index, that 
is done as a post process of the information that I pull from the wiki 
and pass on to Chris. I /was/ asked to do this on my end, and at the 
time I declined. Since then we've had a number of users point out some 
problems with the results. Given his (Chris) workload I doubt it will be 
addressed any time soon. Perhaps I /should/ re-think my position. LOL 
... I /may/ be the best chance of making that happen. Here's what I'm 
going to do in the short term ... I'll add (don't want to replace 
current entries) pass_through as a non sub-entry type tag

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