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  Re: Help file searching, oddity.  
From: Stephen
Date: 17 May 2013 11:59:31
Message: <519653e3$1@news.povray.org>
On 17/05/2013 4:33 PM, James Holsenback wrote:
> well i think this is partially due to the reference section
> reorganization ... also <indexentry> tags that weren't in the proper
> place since whenever. previously with the more linear lay-out the
> <indexentry> the tag could appear in the section just before the /real/
> landing place so you wouldn't have to scroll up slightly to be at the
> beginning of the target section. the re-org was done hastily in that
> when the section was moved, care wasn't taken to make sure that the tag
> was also moved. having said all that i /have/ fixed those problems as
> i've came across them, but have postponed the herculean task to ferret
> out /all/ of the problematic tags

This has been bugging me for years so it is not new.
Would you like me to compile a list of what I can find and either post 
them here or send them to you?


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