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  Re: File I/O Directives  
From: Stephen
Date: 17 Jun 2012 04:44:11
Message: <4fdd98db$1@news.povray.org>
On 16/06/2012 9:08 PM, Chris Cason wrote:
> On 10/06/2012 03:21, Stephen wrote:

>> brings up a window with the entries; box, Cone, Interior, Isosurface,
>> Parametric&  Superquadric Ellipsoid.
> Do you mean #fopen?

out of a wet paper bag.

> (That being said, it might be useful to add 'opening files' to the
> list of index entries that are underneath 'open').

That would help people like me who only have a vague idea of the syntax.

> This and many other things should be fixed in RC6. If you would like
> to check the help file in advance (assuming you see this before we
> release), you can grab it from http://www.povray.org/temp/povray37.chm

Great! :-D

I downloaded the file and will look at it.
One thing though. When I opened the file I got a security warning saying 
that it did not have a valid digital signature. I gave it permission and 
when the help file opened the RH pane had the message:

   Navigation to the webpage was canceled
    What you can try:
      Retype the address.

The problem went away.

I am using Win 7

I have noticed a couple of things already, such as:

Open, prism goes to the entry above. Parametric
Open, sor goes to Superquadric Ellipsoid.

In fact most of the few sub entries that I have looked at go to the 
entry above in the RH pane.

>> Reach for the stars goes to Duty Cycle
> That's intentional (the duty cycle feature was added for use in
> zero-gravity).

A bit Irish that. (N.B. the Mc in my surname.)

resize the help window. You lose your place in the RH pane?


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