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  Re: alpha.10064268 freezes  
From: Warren
Date: 20 Mar 2020 14:40:01
Message: <web.5e750cb748df159f5a5c2bce0@news.povray.org>
If you are ever looking for a polyvalent build system for the POVRay sources (as
much for Windows than Linux than other platforms), you should take a look at
"CMake" (www.cmake.org). Personnally , I use it for my projects and don't regret
it. All you have to do is writing a file:
CMakeLists.txt (with the cmake scripting language.)
Then the user who has downloaded (for example) the POVRay source code can choose
the compiler, the project type (that can be 'Codelite project'/'Visual studio
project'/'Unix Makefile'/'MinGW makefile' or many else).

Cmake is well known nowadays. ;-)

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