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  Re: alpha.10064268 freezes  
From: jr
Date: 9 Dec 2019 17:05:01
Message: <web.5deec4ae48df159ffeeb22ff0@news.povray.org>

William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> On 12/6/19 10:59 AM, jr wrote:
> ...
> >> Interpolation with respect to media... Not completely sure what you
> >> mean, but, there are directions on my wiki page at:
> >
> > in a 'density {}' loaded from df3.
> >
> Ah, OK. Depending on how you're using the df3 in media it might be worth
> giving my wiki page: ,,,
> a read. There are issues with the df3 interpolation which can make using
> it tricky.

slightly confused by the interpolation options, they're not "regular" POV-Ray?
which of the 'playpen' branches deals with those?

> > right, had a quick look at your wiki page.  so generally, first git clone
> > POV-Ray master, then the checkout/pull sequence near bottom (with name of
> > branch)?  I found an ebook/pdf (by S Chacon), am resigned to having to read it.
> > ...in the coming days.  :-)
> Yeah, you got the idea. Intent was to set it up so folks building
> POV-Ray themselves could roll their own derivatives of POV-Ray chosing
> what branches they want to merge into the current master for their
> version. Might be they have three branches of their own, might want to
> use 2 of mine, 3 of SuperCoder12StrandedOnMarsEatingPotatoes etc.

after some thought, the 'Density File Pattern Updates' + 'Non-portable 32 bit
DF3 write capability' + perhaps 'Both image_map and pigment_map support in
density block'.  would that combination "play nice"?

> >> ...
> >> (1) - The inability to add new links to discussion and documentation
> >> made the wiki much less useful - and I've more or less just been letting
> >> my pages sit as is for long time.
> >
> > I've been toying with the idea of trying to get a wiki page, for the df3-tools
> > mainly.  but the site seems quite static, not really encouraging contribution (I
> > feel).
> >
> ...
> (1) - Zim a neat tool. Though it's spell checker broke for time while I
> was using it due a Ubuntu release...

thanks.  not an immediate need (for me), have O'Reilly's "MediaWiki", but have
some time ago switched to using the 'fossil' in-built wiki for most stuff.

> ...
> Once personal wiki's are up. They are sitting out there not very
> visible. Is there even a page which lists user wikis?

know what you mean.  although they all have "sitemap"s, few provide table of
contents.  (self-defeating, imo)

> ...
> With user wikis there is always the problem that we might not completely
> understand what we are trying to document ;-). What to do when well
> intention-ed, but wrong pages get posted?

isn't that what the "discussion" page is there for?

inadvertent errors would be corrected, I'm (fairly) sure.

> ...
> We have a single physical web site. When it goes down or my local
> network connection does, I'd like to have local copy of the wiki,
> library and the newsgroup postings as I do for the documentation. Or at
> least have snapshots of these available on the cloud - github or
> wherever.
> A few expert folk maintain their own web sites for what might go on a
> wiki, but that an investment. Plus, knowing where all these web sites
> are today means maintaining a list of links to them yourself.

it would be nice to have mirror or two.  (personally, I think that if "the gods"
put the content on a DVD (or two) and offered those for sale, I'd buy.  and

help maintain .. POV-Ray, I would.  (and am quite certain that I'm not alone in

regards, jr.

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