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  Re: invalid handling of funky Image-Ratio  
From: Q0X
Date: 23 Dec 2018 16:45:00
Message: <web.5c200136683b50b4da981590@news.povray.org>
clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> Am 23.12.2018 um 20:22 schrieb Q0X:
> > My intention was actually to render a full HD image with the assumption that it
> > scales the height respectively
> Well, what should I say?
> That assumption is wrong.
> POV-Ray dates back to times when square pixels were far from standard.
> As a consequence, you need to specify both logical width /and/ height.
> If you omit any of the two, POV-Ray will use to the respective default
> for that dimension, rather than compute it from the logical aspect ratio
> specified in the scene file.
> So you're not observing a bug there, but merely the - in your case
> unexpected - effects of intentional behaviour.
> POV-Ray v3.8 (currently in development) can automatically compute the
> physical aspect ratio from the logical width and height presuming square
> pixels (by having the `right` camera parameter default to
> `x*image_width/image_height`), but not the other way round, due to
> limitations of its (current) internal architecture.
> (Besides, even if POV-Ray could deduce logical image height from logical
> image width and physical aspect ratio, you would have to specify that
> physical aspect ratio somewhere. Your camera statement says you want an
> image aspect ratio of 1:1. For full HD (16:9), that would have to be
> `right x*16/9`.)

Right - I forgot to tell that it crashes consistently.
It should at least exit gracefully.

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