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  Default Directory Layout not working  
From: Shinzo
Date: 7 Oct 2018 15:20:00
Message: <web.5bba5a44bdb9d8dc1f2e84640@news.povray.org>
Hello folks,

It seems that the default directory layout fallback is not working as expected.

When installing POV-Ray 3.7 with INSTALL-DIR and USER-DIR pointing to the same
directory the installer puts everything in the install dir and nothing to the
user documents directory. Running POV-Ray then works just fine. However if you
then make a backup copy of the directory and uninstall POV-Ray and then run it
from the prevously made backup directory it will tell you with a dialog
something like:

POV-Ray is not installed.
Using default directory layout.
Directory ***** is default directory.

While previous versions prior to 3.7 then worked fine the current version won't
find the include files because it searches for them in the user documents

It doesn't use the default directory layout nor it uses the user-dir given
during installation.

I used the default directory layout fallback with previous versions to make a
portable version of POV-Ray which I could put on an USB-Drive without the need
to install POV-Ray on the system.

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