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  Re: 3.7 Installation bug  
From: Kenneth
Date: 26 Aug 2018 13:15:01
Message: <web.5b82e00c9f669e3aa47873e10@news.povray.org>
clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> Am 24.08.2018 um 19:46 schrieb Bald Eagle:
> > It's just a box that I have very little control over at the moment, and I got
> > "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're
> > running....."
> Sounds like you actually need the non-SSE2 version. Which would imply
> the SSE2 detection isn't working reliably either.

I just came across this paragraph in Wikipedia (for "Windows 7"), which may or
may not be relevant...

"Security updates released since March 2018 contain bugs which affect processors
that do not support SSE2 extensions, including all Pentium III processors.
Microsoft initially stated that it would attempt to resolve the issue, and
prevented installation of the affected patches on these systems. However, on
June 15, 2018, Microsoft retroactively modified its support documents to remove
the promise that this bug would be resolved, replacing it with a statement
suggesting that users obtain a newer processor. This effectively ends future
patch support for Windows 7 on these systems."

But since Bald Eagle found a simple workaround to his own problem, it would seem
that his processor does have SSE2 extensions.

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